Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Noodle Bug"

Here's the new drawing. Same girl as the last drawing post, just a different photograph to draw from. I'm not sure how I feel about this drawing. I think it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped it would have. The last one was just so cute. This one is a little dark...I will make this note that I've noticed...This was drawn from a black and white photograph, for some reason skin-tones no matter what nationality the subject- always turn out darker than the actual subject and therefore I draw them's retarded. Especially if there's something white in the picture- take her dress for example in this picture. She looks extremely dark where her dress looks super bright. (Granted her parents can probably tell that I darkened the hat too...but there really wasn't anything to the hat from the photograph)
But anyway, I'll email it to the parents and see what they have to say...they were extremely pleased with the last one, so that's great!
Anyway...just wanted to post that.


Titan said...

Yea, darks and shading are always darker when using black on white, using a different shade of a different color for example will smooth some of that out, remember in Advanced Drawing 2 when we started using the chalk pastels we would substite other colers for the dark areas bacause the black would make it way to dark for the canvas. But i think this turned out pretty awesome and you should be proud to put it in your portfolio.

-amber- said...

You're a wealth of knowledge...and apparently I slept threw that class because I don't remember that being said (or maybe it's alzhiemers kicking in) but it makes sense. Maybe I'll try to do a different version of that same drawing using what you just said, for my own benifit, to see if I get those results :O