Tuesday, March 27, 2007

striving for something more...

Ok, so while doing some research while at work...ok, so really, while looking up the name of a company a friend of mine might go work at, I found a website, which many people have probably already found called www.conceptart.org AMAZING! That's all I have to say. I now want to do that, to be 1/2 as talented as the people are that are logged on to that site. Just the art work that I saw in the 20 minutes that I spent on that site alone was enough to make me want to go home and rip up everything I've worked on in the last 7 years. Ok, well not really, but it did make me want to go home and work on some drawings of my own. Not that drawing from photographs isn't completely rewarding, but seeing these totally gruesome drawings, and great expressions on the faces of these creatures people draw! Awe, it was fantastic and phenominal all at the same time! Mind boggeling!
Being on that site definitly made me realize that being the receptionist, while it does pay the bills is very temporary. My heart will always belong in movies, or tv, or games (or I can be the receptionist at a movie house, a tv studio, or a gaming company...but not at a security company for long, unless they'll let me work on my own art projects all day long, like this place) :P
I just wanted to post that up, I can't believe I've been under a rock...ok, well not under a rock, living a lie, I know I've heard of that website before from my AID days, I think I even used it as an example once in a class, but it's changed so much since the last time I visited, that it just blew me away. I didn't pursue concept art when I was at AID because you had a 0% chance of graduating as a concept artist, and zero social life (not like I had one when I was there anyway...but that's a story for another time :D) But yeah, my goal now, DRAW, DRAW, DRAW! Draw 'til my fingers bleed man! (ok, maybe not that bad), but at least until I can be producing some "quality" stuff that doesn't look so damn cartoony. (Not that there is anything wrong with cartoony concept art...I just want edgy is all, and lord knows my concept art is far from edgy.)
But, now with all that being said, I do have to say, that I have 3 more drawings to do for the family of the little girl I drew below...and then One major drawing for them as well for their wedding. I'm super excited about those as well- It's practice, experience, stuff for my portfolio, and that cute freakin' girl, and the super photogenic parents to boot. Once those are out of the way, a the few contract drawings I have coming from a few people I work with, then it will be smooth sailing, RIGHT?

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