Thursday, October 19, 2006

Black Paper

So this black paper that I used in the first two posts of this blog has really become something that interests me...or at least gives me a different idea for drawing. I'm currently working on another drawing...this time in colored pencil (Prismacolor Colored pencils and black paper looks amazing), and it's a landscape-something I've never actually attempted to draw (paint yes, never draw). I have a coffee table book with some amazing photographs of landscapes, it's called "American Landscapes"- In it there are some beautiful stormy sunrises and sunsets and I'm attempting to recreate one of these pictures in colored far it looks alright. I don't want to post it yet- although to actually be able to see the process and step-by-step nature of art work is pretty sweet...I'm actually doing that now with a painting(taking pictures as I go so I can post the entire process of the painting once I'm done with it- that should be awhile). But I just felt like saying a little something about this black paper. Change the color of the background your working with and sometimes that's all you need to get a boost and have the creative juices flowing...instead of staring at a white void wondering what's going to pop up. So that's that. That's all I really wanted to say. Black paper rocks. -end of message-

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Titan said...

Nice, yea i do the same thing in Photoshop, i take a solid black back ground and use a white brush, it does some pretty sweet stuff.