Sunday, October 15, 2006

old work, new inspirations?

Ok, so the last post, while I believe it's acurate, and can definitly see my grandad, I have been told his daughter. a.k.a. my mom. She seems to think that it doesn't, and to each his own, maybe because I drew it I see something others can't, but she seems to think it doesn't look like him at all, so I'm going to attempt to re-draw it...not now, but later.

But after being given that critisim, it made me want to post up another picture that I received some critisim on from my dad, of all people:

Yes, it's a dragon, and my dad actually told me I drew the scales wrong. When was the last time he saw a dragon? I mean I know he's old, but if he's actually seen a dragon then he's way older than I thought, and he was definitley a craddle robber when he married my mom. :P

Anyway, this is one of my favorite drawings that I've done. Yes I know it's missing a wing, but I like it that way, I don't know why, but it makes me want to look at the picture longer I guess. Plus it gives me ideas for more creative drawings that I need to draw, more magical and mystical creatures and beings that stories have been told about and I've always had some sort of vision of but never seen anyone draw it quiet like I see it in my head. We'll see what comes of it...

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Titan said...

Wowza, thats a nice dragoon, your getting better and better.