Friday, November 03, 2006

"Pinwheel with Mistake"

Yeah that's right, that's the name of this one. There's really a mistake in it- I dare you to look for it ... it's actually pretty obvious if you ask me, but on this black paper it's really hard to see lines that exsist and which lines you've already erased (actually it's really easy to see the lines that you've erased). So I actually screwed up without realizing it until I was already done with one color and moving to the next- I actually laughed out loud and then cursed the whole thing. But I think it doesn't look so bad ... who knows, if I do enough of these maybe I can actually sell them to someone?

What do you think? Any comments, besides the obvious mistake?

1 comment:

Titan said...

found it, but im not going to tell anybody, i think it looks cool, nice work on this one, i also like the step by step in your last post as well. "Cool beans man" : )