Saturday, October 21, 2006

something new for me

It's finished...that landscape on black paper I was telling you about. Yeah, it's done. It's quite abstract now that I look at it. Colored pencil is much different than paint, and gives a totally different effect, in my opinion. The drawing was inspired by a landscape photograph taking from the book 'American Landscape' by David Muench. There are lots and lots of really interesting photographs in the book, this one just kind of caught my eye as something that might look good on this black paper that I went raving about in the last post.

According to the book the photo is of a "summer storm, easter slope of Sierra Nevada, California".
I did use my trusty good 'ol Prismacolor Colored Pencils to complete the drawing. It was fun, and a little odd doing a drawing like this. The blue turned out much bluer that I though it would, especially after scanning in the drawing; wow-za!

Alright, back to the drawing pun intended.

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Titan said...

Very nice work, that turned out sweet.