Monday, March 02, 2015

Adventures in touristy LA- part 1

Last week, I took a break from all of the creative none-sense I'm doing to spend time with family.

Gonzo's mom and sister came to town!  They brought the weather with them from Texas, but it was alright.

Gonzo's mom showed up 3 days before his sister, so we showed her some less touristy things, such as our discovery of James Dean's memorial- more about the original trip here.

Of course it wouldn't be a northern adventure if it hadn't rained- which it did pretty much the whole day.  We missed our turn to get back to highway 5 after the memorial and ended up having to stop for gas at, coincidentally, the last place James Dean stopped at.
photo courtesy of google
The sky wasn't nearly so blue, and the prices of gas weren't nearly as high as they are in the above picture, but it was a nice little break from the driving in torrential rain.  We had stopped at the same Cafe and Winery as the last trip- where they assured Gonzo's mom that it never rains there (odd that it was our second trip and the second time it was raining).
We took her to a few more local places throughout the next few days and kind of hung out at home (thanks to some impromptu hail and thunderstorms), catching up on things we might have missed since leaving Texas.
Once Gonzo's sister arrived that's when the touristy activities started taking place.
We went to a taping of "The Price is Right", which will air on 4/22/15...set your DVR's now!
photo courtesy of google
They took our phones and made us do a whole lot of waiting just for a little over an hour's worth of taping.  It's odd what it's like not to have my phone with me for any length of time.  I had phantom vibrations happening in the pocket I always keep my phone it was a little unnerving.  
I'll be honest- I wasn't expecting much from going to "The Price is Right"...I haven't really watched it since Drew Carey started hosting...mostly because of a full time job getting in the way of watching TV...but also, there was something so magical about Bob Barker hosting.  But, I will have you know, I should have been completely pumped from the start!
There is a sense of comraderie once the taping starts...granted you've been waiting in line with 200 other people for the better part of the day (hours...we're talking nearly 3 hours of just waiting in lines)- I'm still working on my societal skills with strangers, so I didn't make any new friends- but once you're in the studio you can't help but cheer your heart out for one of them to have their name called, or if they guess the closest amount to gain access to the stage.  
Once the 4/22/15 episode airs I can tell you more about what went on...but until then I have to keep my mouth shut and my keyboard silent on the matter.  Just know that Drew probably the best host of anything ever.
Stay tuned for "Adventures in touristy LA- part 2" where I will tell you about comedy night with Andy Dick, our awesome TMZ tour and our awesome brush with a celebrity who wasn't on a stage!!!   

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