Thursday, February 19, 2015

I don't really have anything to share today.

No pictures.

No works in progress.

No knitting to show off.  I know, I know- then why am I posting?  Because I'm trying to maintain the blog a little better this year.

Well I guess I can show you a bit of something I'm working on for myself:
It's a peak at a digital painting self portrait I'm working on.

I will admit I'm attempting to do more digital painting (I haven't touched that stuff in years).  I'm not very good at it currently, but you know what they say about practice...

I'm knee deep in working on knitted and crocheted goodies for my soon-to-get-here niece.  I'll probably post a sneak peak of those before I send them off.  I still need to get the "baby groot" pattern hammered out and posted, and I have a few more goodies that I'll need to share with you at some point, just not yet. 

I may be out of touch next week, due to family coming to town, but if I get time I'll try to post any progress I have on projects I'm working on.

Hope everyone has a fantastic end of the week and weekend!

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