Monday, March 09, 2015

Adventures in touristy LA- part 2

If you want to read about part 1 of Adventures in touristy LA please see this post.

As for part 2, we'll start off with the excitement of seeing Andy Dick live:
photo courtesy of Gonzo

We were at Meltdown Comic book store on Sunset for "RISK! LA" was a neat treat!  It was more story telling than improve comedy- but when your story tellers are comedians you can expect some laughs.  First up was a guy named Solomon Georgio who was funny- his story was slightly sad at times, but funny.  Then there was Daniel Sloss who was freaking hilarious!  I was crying I was laughing so hard.  He had apparently, and deservedly so, been on some late night talk show the previous night- which I hadn't seen, so I walked into that blindly.  Then last but not least was Andy Dick.  I can't say that I was ever a fan of least I hadn't really been a fan before that night.  I really didn't know much about him other than his public meltdowns from gossip blogs- but his story telling skills were done hilariously.  He looks really good too.  Sober really works for him.  His set was humorous and it ended the night perfectly.  I wish he could have been on longer, but something about him needing to be back at his sober house prevented the fun from continuing.
We had all banned together to convince Gonzo's sister that we needed to go on a TMZ with our tickets in hand we boarded the TMZ tour bus with our lovely and hilarious host Lexie.  Having seen the show a few times (read that any time I can watch it)- I've seen Lexie a time or two.  She's not a show regular, as she does the tours, but has appeared before.  The tour was awesome!  Very entertaining.  It was nearly everything I thought it would be.  Lots of celebrity gossip; lots of stopping by places where someone famous did something stupid.  There is even trivia, where I did win a free TMZ Tour shirt for guessing a question correctly about Keanu Reeves...perhaps I know a little too much about celebrity gossip.
The only thing lacking on the TMZ Tour is they don't show you where anyone famous lives...but we fixed that the next day by going on a Starlines open air bus tour of the homes.  Which left us all frozen, as the temp was perhaps a bit too chilly to ride in an open air bus.  If the tour did nothing else for us, it certainly made us feel like driving in LA was a piece of least if you are a tour bus driver.
It's completely ok if the Beverly Hills 90210 theme song is going thru your head when you see this
We got to see pretty much all of Beverly Hills and Mulholland Drive.  While we didn't really get to see anyone famous while on Mulholland Drive we did see someone famous pull out of their driveway in Beverly Hills:
Behind that wheel and talking on his cell phone (which is illegal in CA), is one Al Pacino.
No I'm not kidding.  I'm sorry there's a giant glare on the windshield.  But I promise you, that is Mr. Al Pacino himself.  I was more than a little giddy...I think I snapped 7 photos of varying zoom ranges hoping to get a clear shot of his face, because who would believe me that WE SAW AL FREAKING PACINO?!?!?!?!  But alas, this is the best picture I could do with my cell phone.

The Starlines tour was alright.  Some of the celebrity information they gave out was a bit outdated or incorrect, which most people wouldn't even know (but I have the freaking TMZ app on my phone, because I'm in a constant state of needing to know what famous people are doing at all times- so if your info is wrong I WILL KNOW), I found it to be slightly irritating...if TMZ Tours are in connection with Starline Tours, the least the Starline Tour guides could do is brush up on their celebrity facts.  But overall it was a fun experience.  I didn't have a hope in the world of actually seeing anyone famous, but we saw AL PACINO!!!!!

That is pretty much it for the touristy adventures...who knows what we'll uncover the next time we get out in the touristy side of LA.

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