Friday, December 18, 2009


PICTURES!!!! And not just one. After you read this one, stay tuned for the follow up. It's been a sketchy couple of days here in crazyland.
I actually decided to draw this pirate after reading Sarah's blog yesterday. She's one of the girls I used to work with at DNA Productions. She's extremely talented, and every time she posts something new on her blog it makes me want to draw something. I absolutely love her style and wish I could be 1/2 as creative as she is. I love all of her drawings!
Anyway, the pirate came about because of her post, but it's been on my list* of things to draw for awhile now.
(*My list= random words of objects, things, places that I want to in my free time I select something from this list to bring to life in a's a little weird, but it keeps me from starring out the window for long periods of time wondering what to do with my sketchbook.)
Hopefully I'll be able to bring this into Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro and put some color in it. Who knows maybe I'll get this one, the next one and all of the others I've been meaning to work on ready in time for the Spring Fling in March, and I'll have prints available! That would kind of be awesome, huh?


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