Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hello October!

Yeah, October is here!

First thing's first here. You have exactly 1 month to request drawings for the 2009 holiday season (that is, if you are giving presents this year). "How's that?" you ask? Well, Christmas/the holiday season, is usually my busy time, what with all the drawings and what-not. What normally takes me a few hours to complete, will probably take days (not because I get lazy, but because of the demand)- in order for me to be able to get everything completed and shipped out by December 24th, they will need to be requested by November 1st. So, if you are thinking of getting that hard-to-shop-for relative/friend/co-worker/pet/etc., a drawing from a photograph this holiday season- the last day to request one will be on November 1st. Of course, if you aren't buying a Christmas/holiday present, but a birthday/anniversary present- then please, by all means ignore that deadline. If someone's birthday happens to fall on...oh I don't know...December 4th, and you want to have a drawing done for them, please allow the normal 2 weeks when requesting. I'll make sure to work you in.

next thing- I'll probably re-read this tomorrow and not understand anything. They are doing construction in my place of business a few feet away from my everything is loud, and the hammering...makes it hard to concentrate.

Also, because I'm awesome and just told you, that you have a month to request drawings, I'm also fair warning you that for a week in about 16 days, I will be slightly out of pocket. I will have limited access to email ( in case you want to order something)- so if you don't get a response from me for a few days, please do not get discouraged- I will email you at the soonest possible moment I can.

I promise pictures of works in progress will be coming soon. I've got a few drawings in the works.

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