Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knitted mittens

Haven't been drawing a whole heck of a lot lately. After the catastrophe that was a black car with red touches that was supposed to be drawn in color (and turned out horribly horribly wrong), I haven't drawn anything since.

But I have been logging onto for some much needed creativity time. And I stumbled upon this awesome post. Which in turn made me run over to THIS website to get the pattern. Because we all know what a nut I am for Twilight. (Although I'm not one of those crazy people who have already bought tickets for opening weekend of New Moon...Not crazy really- just obsessed people who love the books.) The picture up there is how my version turned out. I used Red Hart yarn, because I had a stash of it in my yarn box (aka a 3 drawer contraption sitting in my closet so Gonzo doesn't notice how much yarn I actually have- that's not including the garbage bag full of yarn that's hiding at my parents house). I actually hate this yarn, it's not soft, but it'll keep me warm. I had to knit these up quick because Gonzo and I are heading up north soon and it's already snowing up there. Gah! Snow. Blah!

Anywho. If you are a fan on Facebook, I know I posted something a few months ago about having prints ready in September (man am I late on that deadline or what?), I finally got all of my supplies in for making prints- so as soon as they are ready (maybe by December), I'll post them here and on my website (and I'll update it on the fan page). Everything was on backorder that I needed to make them, so yeah. That's my excuse...and the mittens. :)

This is probably my last post for a week or so, so everyone have a great weekend, a great week and do something creative, will ya?

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