Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Another day, another color pencil drawing

Yes, I'm still itching...this time it's my forehead. (Thank you Prismacolor colored pencils)

I'm not posting a picture of it (the drawing). It's bad. It looks bad. It's a black car, with some spots that are red. Not only that, but the photo I was provided with is so dark that I had to take it into Photoshop and lighten it just to be able to see any sort of detail. I'm telling you, that didn't really help the case. it's a black car. Maybe I'm just unable to draw a black car? It's so dark. It just looks like a flat image that a second grader colored. Seriously. I would hate to have to tell this person that I can't draw their car, but I really don't think I can in color. (This is the third attempt at me trying to draw it) In fact, I don't think it would look any better drawn in pencil. The photo just isn't a good photo to use, maybe. The background is dark, there's not enough light illuminating the details, so everything just looks...flat.
I don't want to give up on it, but I seriously hate what I just drew. It looks bad! I'll post something when I have something decent to show you.

Back to scratching (it's spread to my palm now)

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