Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Update

Like I said on Friday- here's the update:

-I have a drawing I will start on tonight for my aunt, it should be done in the next few days- I'll post it when it gets approved.
-I have one car drawing started (from the drag race and car show that the "El Camino" picture was taken from)- that I need to finish up...after that one is done, I have about 8 other pictures from that same car show I want to draw.
-I need to finish Soy MLK for my friend's birthday which is quickly approaching.
-I want to draw a picture of my friends newborn baby soon, so I'll have to get the right picture to draw from for that (actually I already know which one I'm going to use, I just need her permission).

As you can pictures yet! AAAAHHHH, I hate posting when I don't have something to show.

Anyway- I'll get some stuff worked out and have something interesting to post (picture-wise) later this week- hopefully.

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