Tuesday, February 05, 2008

*cough, cough; sneeze* "OUCH!"

Oh the joys of being ill. This past Saturday my throat started hurting...then my body started aching. Sunday...the nose clogged, I had a fever of 102.4, my throat was so sore that I felt like I was swallowing razor blades when I was drinking water. Seriously- if I find out who gave this crap to me, I'm giving them the next illness I get (hopefully that won't be for a very long time). So yeah, the reason I'm writing about it- Monday I had to take a sick day from work, work that I've only been at for 2 weeks. I hate that, I try my hardest to meet that 90 day probationary period before taking a sick day, but stupid upper resperitory infection has me being contagious- and also with doctors orders stating that I can't go back to work until Wednesday. Wednesday. That's 2 days used of my 5 sick days...after only working 2 weeks. That has to be some sort of record. Anyway, why is this on my art blog you ask? Well I was asked to draw something very important last week, and after scanning many many many pictures I finally found one to draw for this important occasion. The drawing is of a little girl sniffing some flowers:

There's a hint of colored pencil in the flowers and in the grass, it's kind of difficult to see that here, but I promise there is color in it.

Ok, now you ask what this drawing has to do with me being sick- I completed it today...while I was at home sick. I don't like being home sick, and quite frankly I was going to take it to work to work on anyway, but I'm so dizzy right now, I can't really even tell if she's sniffing flowers, or if it looks more like she fell on her face. But anyway- I feel bad, because I can complete a drawing (81/2" x 11" drawing...in an hour), but I can't go to work. Granted I probably shouldn't be driving if I'm dizzy, and the doctor did say I was contagious- and I really don't want this spreading around and then getting back to me in another 3 weeks- but still. I feel guilty. I'm resting and drinking fluids, but if I can draw for an hour- surely I can answer the phones for an hour at work? (ok, I do sound like a truck driver whose smoked entirely too many cigarettes and currently coughs every 5 minutes because I tried to clear my throat- but still...I don't like missing work.)

So anyway- #1- I'm sick; #2- this is a special drawing, and hopefully it gets approval and then I can share with you what it is for.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I'm not in a sense making mood right now. I need a nap, and a blanket...

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TaniaMC said...

Ok I am obviously way behind on my blogs, but I just wanted to say that I love this drawing! I am going to keep reading to figure out what it was for because I am sure it was approved and adored.