Thursday, January 24, 2008

website disastors!

I really don't understand it. was supposed to be great, so easy to maintain, etc. etc. Yet, it's turned into a web page that often times (especially when I'm telling someone about it), diverts to a page that's an advertisement for Seriously?, who I have my domain name registered with, claims that it's whose hosting my page that is redirecting my website- by .mac- doesn't really make sense to me- especially when the dotster phone number almost identically matches domain's phone number.
Anyway- be prepared, because I may not have much longer- I'll let you know what the website is, once I have it fixed.
Hopefully all the bugs will be ironed out quickly and 2008 can go on being a successful year.

Haven't drawn much lately- but I'm getting there- I'll post pictures a little later. (I know, I know, where's all the old drawings I promised when I put the christmas decorations away? I'm ashamed of myself- I was lazy, and didn't get them out- all I can say, is some day- expect to see some classic drawings by me- Amber.


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TaniaMC said...

bah, technology sucks. I hope you get it figured out and don't have to lose your awesome domain name :(