Monday, February 11, 2008

I've been reading (and by reading, I mean skimming threw) my previous blogs. Man am I boring!
I'm sure the pictures are great, and can be appreciated by most- however, there's maybe one or two posts that actually show any side of myself and/or sense of humor- which is kind of sad.
I know that I started typing this blog to go with my website (here) , and I wanted to set forth a certain level of professionalism in my blogs...however part of the fun of me doing my art and drawings and what-not, is being able to just be me.

So I appologize to all of you who like the "dry- nothing really to blog about, other than a new drawing"- blogs. I'm still going to post art work. But there's going to be more of "me" in these blogs- starting with a sense of humor.

I'm hijacking my own blog. So there's going to be art...there's going to be times to laugh, and there's going to be info about myself- none art related (maybe- I'm still undecided)

But on the up side- I may start to learn Flash. (I say "may" because- well. Flash is Animation. I haven't touched "animation"-anything since August or September of 2006) But I do have a legitimate copy of Flash on my laptop- so the point of having purchased it, with the hopes of using it- gives great weight to the fact that I doubt...USE it...and sometime.

Hope this one didn't bore you...

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