Friday, June 01, 2007

I've been MIA because of MUNNY

This is the reason I've not posted anything in awhile...It's a Munny. It's something that is in diar need of a 12 step program.

I bought this one intending to give it as a gift to a friend, but couldn't bear to part with I bought her another one- then I bought myself 5 more to work on...I's rediculous. So while it may seem like I've stepped off the face of the earth and stepped away from my traditional medium of drawing on paper I haven't...I'll be posting a drawing soon. But be prepared for more Munny's soon. You can go to to join the fun if you dare. Be warned, this is the most addicting- non-drug-thing, ever! EVER! It's awesome!!!!

Oh yeah, I did the above Munny using Prismacolor colored pencil only...and 2 really horrible coats of Krylon UV protectant glossy finish spray...I had never spray-painted anything prior to this project, so it dripped because I got too heavy with it in spots, and it bubbled in spots because...well I live in Texas, and the humidity of spraying outside, without the use of a spray booth isn't the wisest of ideas...but it's all I had to work with for well-ventilated-areas.

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