Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"For Betty"

Here's the drawing I promised. To be honest I love and hate these drawings- let me explain:

People usually come to me to draw a loved one- unfortunately, sometimes, it's of a loved one whose past on. In this case- this was a friend of mine who asked me to draw her grandma who past over Memorial day weekend. I actually knew her grandma and it was kind of hard to draw this picture for me. I just hope I did her justice- I'm awaiting word from her now. I don't really hate doing these drawings, it's just sometimes, the fact that they're dead makes it harder for me (I don't deal well with death for some reason). Maybe that's why I like drawing kids better... O_o...who knows.

This is one of two drawings that I'm doing for her family- they will be the same...or relatively close- they're both from the same photograph, so hopefully the next one will come out looking close to this one, or better.

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