Sunday, May 31, 2015

Clairmore- in the works

As I've mentioned, numerous times, I went to the LA Yarn Crawl this year...Not only did I acquire some amazing yarn, but I also received several free patterns, just for stopping in at the yarn shops. 

One such pattern, which I obtained on The Yarnover Truck, is called the Clairmore. It's described as a cowl and a shawlette. If you have a account you can find the pattern here. The fun thing about this pattern is it uses just one skein of Anzula Cricket (250 yards), which is some of the best yarn I have knit with (for various reasons, but the yarn is so soft it makes it hard to put down).

It's a fairly easy pattern and works up pretty quickly.  This one definitely requires blocking once finished, as the lace pattern doesn't really show up (see photo above for pre-blocking image). This particular one is for my friend Jessica- a hand-knit birthday present; and I will post a follow up once it's finished blocking (I use the wet-blocking method as opposed to the steaming method so it takes a few days to dry in it's "new" form). I'm working on a second Clairmore Cowl/Shawlette as we speak which will probably go to my mom, if she wants it.  Otherwise it'll be up for grabs.

Apologies for not posting more, recently. We (Gonzo and myself) are attempting to find a new place to move to and that has taken me on some crazy journey's to some very interesting areas in Los Angeles county. Hasn't left me with a whole lot of time to blog.

Take care!

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