Thursday, May 21, 2015

Baby's Sweater

I just finished sewing the buttons on this knitted sweater for my niece.  It took me a little longer than I had anticipated, as I vanished to parts unknown for two weeks and only took along socks to knit instead of a nearly completed sweater.
Originally I picked this sweater for the awesome cable that runs along both sides of the front.  I love cables...they take forever (sometimes), but I love knitting them.  The pattern I used was from the book "Baby Basics to knit for new moms"...which, no- I'm not a mom- but I'm not sure my sister-in-law will be picking up knitting needles anytime soon and the pattern was too cute not to make.  
I found the cute little white buttons while I was visiting parts a Hobby Lobby...yes, parts unknown have Hobby Lobby's. 

The yarns are ones that I picked up during the Yarn Crawl The pinkish-purple yarn (Stripes on the front and sleeve color) was a yarn that was in the basket I won at The Altered Stitch; the speckled yarn is from Ancient Arts Yarns called Unwind Hello 1 Speckled and is from their Hello Kitty line of yarn colors- that I picked up at Unwind.  I figured my barely over 2 month old niece could use a sweater that has a little Hello Kitty inspiration in it, right?

Since I know how kids are with knits I am anticipating my niece's hatred for me for sending her an itchy sweater to wear...One day she'll understand it was made with love. 

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taniamc said...

"Knitting patterns for the new mom..."

Can you hear me laughing from all the way over here?

First pattern: put down your needles, the baby is crying.
Second pattern: put down your needles, the baby is hungry.
Third pattern: put down your needles, the baby's diaper is dirty.
Fourth pattern: put down your needles, and go to sleep!