Monday, December 24, 2012

Disappearing act

I did it again, didn't I? I didn't keep up with my promise to blog more...I would love to say that that is changing...but I can't make those kinds of promises.

I started a new job, that I absolutely love. It's a wonderful company full of really creative people, which completely helps me want to create...the only downside? Now I want to spend all of my time at work, because I really enjoy what I'm doing. Don't get all excited...I'm not doing anything on the creative side for work (yet). I'm in the accounting department...which to anyone with a creative bone in their body, knows that the previous few statements sound completely batsh!t crazy....but it's true...I like working in accounting...while I'm working with numbers or doing data entry I'm creating my next project in my head...the work is pretty easy for me, so it leaves my mind time to wonder in the depths of the gooey creativeness that has been a little congealed for the past year or so.

Update to the post that was never originally published: I have literally been trying to post this for a month now...yes I could become unlazy and get on my computer and publish the post, but I am determined to make it work on my iPad...because that's just where my head is at right now.

So the new job, that I started in November is still awesome. I have knitted and drawn...although I can't really post about the latter until later, so I couldn't show you a picture even if I wanted to. I've been crafting and being creative, and all that good whenever I can figure out how to upload a picture again, I will share. Until then, here are words :)

PS. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate :)

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