Saturday, September 22, 2012

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I want to first address the previous post about the Samsung Galaxy Note.  There were lots of positives on it for me, but in the end, my 30 days to return it was up the day after the iphone 5 went on pre-order- and the android operating system and I were not getting along so I exchanged it for a pre-order...which I still have not received.  Can someone explain that for me? (sarcasm...please don't attempt to explain it)
I will say it was pretty awesome of AT&T to let me keep the Note until the iphone comes in...but with the pre-order release date getting pushed back, I don't trust myself to keep the phone in mint I'm back to using my 3GS...and the camera on it sucks, so there will be no pictures in this post.
You all left didn't you?
"No pictures"...and everyone stops reading.  Lovely.

I really don't have much to show anyway.  I did start on Gonzo's socks, but I haven't even finished one yet.  I'm almost done with Tania's baby shower gifts, hopefully I can get them both done by the shower date.  I did finish the logo and got that off my plate...but I'm still working on something else that goes along with that, which I think is better than the logo itself.  We'll see.

I'll keep you guys posted...hopefully I get my phone by the end of this week and I'll have some pictures for you on the next post.

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Bryan said...

I still read, even if there's no pictures! Putting in my order for an iPhone 5 as well.