Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Several months ago I was commissioned to draw a portrait of a couple from their wedding.  It was for an anniversary gift.  Which I thought was sweet.
Cassie and Willy:

It was completed with 2B and 4B pencils on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.  I was finally given the ok to post it (I do draw, sometimes I just have to wait until the drawing has been given to the proper recipients), which just so happened to coincide with my parents 41st wedding anniversary. 
I myself have never been married, so I have no idea what it takes to have a long and happy marriage.  But if my parents are any indication, it's keeping a sense of humor, laughing at the dumb stuff, and completely ignoring one another...on purpose.  :)  I'm just kidding.  I love you mom and dad, I hope you have many more anniversaries together.  And Cassie and Willy, I hope you both have a very long and happy marriage as well.

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F Uphoff said...

Nice picture Amber and thanks for letting the world know our secret to a long marriage.

ye ol' dad