Monday, March 22, 2010

problems with website- please be patient

***Update!!! Gonzo is a life saver and figured out my ftp in like 1 the website should be working...Thanks Gonzo!***

I hate MobileMe for Mac. I'm just going to put that out there. It's up for renewal, which is where I have my website from, and decided to start spitting out these horrific email messages saying that I needed to renew right now, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW! So I unchecked automatic renewal as I'm going to migrate my site to a much cheaper, and more reliable web hosting service. But in doing so MobileMe decided that it was going to end my site hosting now. So my site is down. I apologize for any inconveniences that is causing anyone. If you have questions just email me:
I've supposedly got people that will help me update my ftp info to get my website up and running but iWeb is kind of like MobileMe, it's decided to take a giant crap now that I no longer want to pay for MobileMe...jerks. So soon as I find someone who wants to design a website for kind of cheap, or in trade (for drawings), I will dump iWeb as well. But for now, it's iWeb, and hopefully new hosting...soon.
Just what I need after being sick all day...


Magik New Media said...

Before running a business website, take an adequate amount of time to choose the right web hosting company that will support you 24/7. Only trust those company that has been operating for quite sometime.

gonzoss said...

Glad everything worked out!

-amber- said...

Thanks Magik, you made me click on the link...nice work.

And thank you can't imagine what a relief it was that you were able to get the FTP up and running that quick!