Sunday, March 14, 2010

Funky Finds Spring Fling 2010 (aka my first show)

I had so much fun doing my first show!!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to the show! Your support is so so so very important and very appreciated! You guys are wonderful!

It was a great learning experience. And I have ideas for the next show (which I don't know exactly when that will be)

The first picture is the table I had set up with all of the original drawings. None of which sold, so I will be posting them for sale on my website a little later this week.

The second picture is the print stands (ignore the shirts hanging in the background, that's a different booth). Originally I had them on the floor, but they were way too low for an adult to look threw them, but kids would have been able to reach them (as well as the many many dogs that showed up). Anyway, I'll have to figure out something for prints at a later time.
I had plenty of prints (probably too many for one show), so I may also put them up for sale on my website later this week, or I may even open an etsy store specifically for my prints; but Funky Finds is a very real possibility for selling my prints thru their website- I'll let you know which way I go. There are plenty of animals, cars, the caterpillar and the pirate, as well as "Head Above Water". But you will see that at a later date.

Oh, I also have a new logo (which you can see from my awkwardly placed header on my blog- I'll fix that when I have some time). The logo also comes with my own personal mascot "amber"...I kind of love it, and not just because it's mine...

I didn't really know how to set everything up, but I did have a display side, so people could see what I can do, in case they wanted to order a drawing of their own, or for gifts or whatever. I got rid of a bunch of business cards and brochures, so hopefully that's a good sign.

Richard and Tania from The Curious Cake Shoppe are in the background over there- it was so awesome that we got to have a booth next to them, they were great! Such great company. A huge thanks to Richard for going to get us all lunch from Chipotle! That was awesome! (The food at the show wasn't the greatest in variety, but there was food there, just not anything we wanted.)

The last pic is a close up of the display items. Some of you may recognize drawings I have done for you in the past. Thank you again for letting me draw for you, these are just some of my favorites. Someone at the show asked me which one was my favorite, and you know what? I didn't have an answer. These drawings are like my kids. How can I pick my favorite? I've poured my heart and soul into each of these. The answer I gave was picking one and then instantly saying "well I like this one too, and the one over here I really like too- you know what? I don't have one favorite, I love them all".

Anyway, I think if I do another show I'll have walls and lower prices.

There were so many friendly and helpful people at the show. A huge thanks to Jessica from Funky finds for putting on this great show and getting so many creative people in one building. I didn't have a lot of time to walk around and look at things, but the few quick laps that I did make I saw so much great stuff. Oh yeah, and Gonzo entered the raffle, I think he bought 20 tickets or something, he won. 5 times! Granted it was all girly stuff, so he gave most of it to me. But yeah, he's my lucky charm.

Thank you again. The people I met at the Spring Fling were great, and wonderful, and the vendors were so creative. A great inspiration and a great motivator. I'll keep you posted on any upcoming shows that I might decide to take part in, and I hope to see even more of you at the next shows :)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


Funky Finds said...

It was so good meeting you & I thought your display looked terrific. My friend Melanie and I spent a bit of time admiring your terrific artwork. I hope that the show leads to many custom orders for you! We hope you will set up a Shop @ Funky Finds to sell your prints!!! Don't forget, vendors get 3 free months PLUS you get 6 more free months with our current SHOPS 500 promo. Email me if you have any questions. Again, it was great meeting you & I hope we work together again in the future. Keep in touch! Jessica Dougherty

TaniaMC said...

Hey girl, I thought your booth looked great! You did a wonderful job, especially for your first show. I am so glad we got to set up together. I was the lucky one to you have two around!

PS I didn't see your "close up" picture, just so you know.

-amber- said...

Jessica- I had a brain fart when I was typing that blog post, I actually meant to add funky finds as a possible shop option (recovering from a show takes longer than a day). I'll probably be selling prints thru Funky Finds, just a matter of when I can get to it this week :)

Tania- the close up is actually the last picture, I changed up the format of the blog but I can't get that picture to be next to that paragraph (love you blogger...grumble, grumble), so I changed the sentence to say "the last picture..." so yeah...gah! Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks for the kind words ladies! It was great to see you both on Friday and Saturday (it was great meeting you in person Jessica! Thanks for putting together such a great show!!!)

Funky Finds said...

Yay! We look forward to further promoting your work on Funky Finds. It was great meeting you & I look forward to working with you more. Jessica