Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Is it Saturday yet?

There's less than a week to go...3.5 days left exactly before the Funky Finds Spring Fling, and while I feel like I have almost everything ready to go, I know I am totally going to forget something on the morning of the show...and this event is not close to my house. It's like 30 miles or more away. gonzo may make fun of me for making check lists, but let me tell you- I don't want to forget anything for this show!
Anyway. I'm reporting in today to let you know that I have new stuff to share with everyone, but I'm holding off until after Saturday and after the maddness.
Did you know this weekend is that whole "spring ahead" with the clocks thing? Seriously? I think I might cry. I heard it on the news this morning in my pre-corn flakes and banana's groggy mind- phase and thought I mis-understood them, but then they carried on a 10 minute discussion of not changing the clocks this time and that they would be fired because they would then be late to work- after the weatherman said they would be an hour early if they didn't partake in the changing of the clocks...I was not amused. So I'll be super tired come Monday...but I will have new stuff to share. Promise.
So please, if you are in Ft. Worth this Saturday between 9am and 3pm, you should really come and hang out at my booth...or one of the other 120 vendors that will be there (but seriously stop on by and let me know that you've heard of A Shade Better Than Stick Figures- I might give you a free button (I only have 35 of them though, so you know...show up early?)). It's at the Will Rogers Center in Ft. Worth...in the poultry barn- if that makes sense...here's the link again: http://funkyfinds.us/springfling/2010/ Are you ready for it to be Saturday yet? (a collective yes was just heard because everyone is sick of the promoting already...I promise- you may hear this one more time on Thursday afternoon or Friday and then just a recap of how it went...then no more, ok? ok.)

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