Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a Monday

Holy crafting craziness batman! I went to the Spring Bash by Dallas Etsy on Saturday and now the creative juices are flowing so fast that I can't sit still. Nor do I want to be here at my 8-5 job right now because I'd rather be home knitting, or drawing, or sewing (yes you saw that right! Mom- I might need your spare sewing machine!)

Anyway- After the sad sad dragon from last week I started a new sketchbook pro drawing of some pigs. We'll see how it turns out. But right now, I'm in the "draw" drawing mood, meaning pencil and some good old white paper! I was just about to get started drawing some birds when I got a request in early this morning!!! Yeah babies!!! So anyway, I'll post that later when it's been approved (and actually completed, since I'm totally jumping the gun here).

Seriously, those folks over at are brilliant! I loved the show and wish I was a gazillionaire so I could have bought everything from every booth. I snagged up enough business cards that hopefully I'll be able to buy from them this holiday season for all of my friends and family. I did buy a neclace from the folks at it's a super cute pinup girl that says "Farm Girl" and has a tractor charm. LOVE IT!

Anyway, once I start crafting up ANYTHING, I'll post it here. And trust me, the minute I get my own etsy page you all will be the first ones to know.

happy crafting!!!

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