Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Web Site

www.ashadebetterthanstickfigures.com is up and running. I have been notified of a few people not being able to see it and it re-directing them to a page about getting your own domains- however, the people that have told me about it, are also looking at it from work- some companies might have a block on various websites. But I can't seem to get that page to come up, both at work and at home.

Anyway- it's up, still needs lots of work- I just wanted to get it up, since I've been paying for domain space for a year now. No worries, I'll leave my blog here, and set up a link on my web page to direct persons here to read updates, or entries or what-have-you.

Not all of my drawings are up yet, so keep checking back to the galleries for updates, especially the for sale page- as I do have several pieces I wouldn't mind selling. I'm not listing prices yet, only leaving my email for inquiries into pieces, so I can figure out prices to include shipping (the pieces that are going to be up for sale are either large, with mattes- so they have to be shipped flat, or they include hand made wooden frames (my dad crafted those), which will add a hefty price to me shipping- usually I cover shipping charges on the requested portraits from photographs, but since these are already done, and framing is included sometimes, then I want to be compensated- if that doesn't sound too horrible)

Anyway- there you have it. Feel free to visit the site: www.ashadebetterthanstickfigures.com when you have some free time, and it would be even better if you contacted me with a request! :)

Hope everyone is doing well.

Take care all!

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