Monday, August 29, 2016

Something in the works

I saw a pattern for something not too long ago, and I thought to myself "I must make it!"
Which wouldn't be bad, except I had to go purchase specific yarn for this project. The spare bedroom in our house looks like a yarn store, people...I don't need anymore yarn. I don't. I could knit on all the yarn I have for another 2 years and still have some left. Then I could go to my storage unit and my parents house and get the other stashes of yarn I have and still be able to knit continuously for several years- then spin all the fiber I have and knit some more...this is a sick hobby.

Anyway, the pattern is one I attempted before when I made myself a pair of socks, which turned into short socks with only this pattern on the cuff, because I really didn't like knitting it...with sock yarn. Using this yarn is pretty freakin' sweet.

I found the Buttercream Luxe Craft Soft Knit Solid yarn on clearance at Joann's in a "purple" color. The yarn is 100% polyester, which is bizarre, but actually really fun to knit. For only $3.97/skein I bought several different colors and have this grand vision of making this particular item for all the women I know...Who knows if I'll keep up with that idea or not. But I will at least finish this one. More details on the pattern (which was free) and what it is, to come. I've gotta get back to knitting,  only 3 more inches of this pattern before I get to switch to a different stitch!

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