Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ode to Los Angeles-why can't I like you?

I still can't say that I like living in Los Angeles, it's almost been 2 full years on the West Coast, and I can't say that I like it.
Sure there are things that I do like. For example: The Altered Stitch (yarn a plenty); Gindi Thai (Technically Burbank); Like's Thai and Chinese Food (Sunland- but still a Los Angeles zip code); The seafood (super fresh!); Fruits and Veggies (Also really fresh!); My Home State (run by people from Texas); Mountain views!; And of course this (even though I only get to see it rarely):
There's something really captivating about the ocean. Especially when dinning at a restaurant that is on stilts overlooking it. Moonshadows in Malibu (Malibu...not Los Angeles)...super awesome. Great way to forget about everything crazy, just sit down and stare at the waves crashing in.

But Los's still not my place. It's not home. It's a nice stop over for whatever comes next, but unless I get to see a whole lot more of the Ocean, I can leave it. Although I have yet to visit The Last BookStore (I highly suggest doing a google search to see images of what it looks like inside). It's definitely on my Los Angeles bucket list of things to do before I move on.

I keep waiting for there to be a day that I wake up and accidentally call this place home. Or wake up and not miss another place so much that I wish I was there instead of in the sun soaked land of palm trees, movie stars and ridiculously rude people. I'm not holding my breath for that. But I'm hopeful that one day, Los Angeles and me get along. (Truthfully, it will probably be the day I no longer live here)

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Anonymous said...

It's a very real and common sentiment for folks living in LA, even for those who are born and raised here like me. Hang in there - LA has a lot of offer if you can find your niche in it.