Friday, June 19, 2015


Friday's aren't nearly as exciting as they used to be. When I was in school it was almost my favorite day of the week (Saturday was truly the best day of the week when in school, let's be honest); then once I started working at a movie theater in Dallas it became the most hilarious and joyful day of the week if I worked a shift...the theater alternated between playing Rocky Horror Picture Show and 3D Porn staring John Holmes. With Rocky Horror, it was fun to see all of the people show up in costume (it was not fun helping to clean up the theater afterwards); and with the 3D Porn it was hilarious to see the many ways people tried to hide their shame when they had to get their 3D glasses from me (also, not fun or hilarious to help clean the theater). Once I joined the desk job task force, Friday's either became the day that nothing was accomplished or the day that we scrambled around like mad, attempting to get everything done before we sprinted to our cars and pretended we didn't hear phones ringing on the way out of the office. Hell, even when I was at Moroch they did a First Friday's drinking afternoon on the first Friday of every month (but those of us in billing usually had to pass on drinking to finish up month end billing).

Friday's when you don't have a job, feel like any other day. Which, to be quite honest, is getting pretty boring. I've always said that if I didn't have a job, I would make use of my time by working on art, or knitting or writing. I have done a little bit of all of that. Probably more knitting than the other two. But for some reason, my creativity seemed to die when the last job ended.

...I kind of feel like my whole life has been a lie. That the "I'll be more creative if I don't have a job or have to go to school" mentality was so far off. I think the sheer boredom of not having to do repetitive bullshit, day in and day out, for some manager who doesn't give a crap that you aren't being able to express yourself the way you want during work hours; the sheer boredom of not being tasked with some of the dumbest shit you have ever seen in your life; the sheer boredom of dealing with people you would rather throat punch than listen to for another second, but fear jail time so you keep your hands to's the sheer boredom of not having to deal with the shit end of life that makes me uninterested in being creative.

That sucks.

I need a little mind numbing pain found in the monotony of a desk job, in order to find the pleasure in my creativity? That completely sucks. To realize that at the age of 33, sucks even worse.

Don't get me wrong, if I could find a job working with creative types, that would totally stoke the creative fire that is dying inside's just, in a town like LA...getting your foot in at these places unless you are a complete badass from the get-go is like being Jon Snow and not getting killed at the end of season 5 of Game of Thrones (spoiler alert...heh)-it's just not going to happen.

That's the end of my really long rant on how I used to like Fridays...and then it, some how, spiraled out of control and into the depths of why I don't post more art here. My bad, guys.

Happy Friday? 

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