Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Much Needed Update

In honor of finding my blog feet again, I feel like I should update you from that last post all the way back from February...(or really just 2 blogs ago...which in that case doesn't make it feel like it's so far away...)
I had asked for your help in reminding me that I had things in my "pipe line" to complete- so that would act as a little nudge for me to get my butt in gear and work on something.  Which you all followed my advice and completely ignored...
So here's how that list is progressing:
- Gonzo's ski mask- still 1/2 way done sitting in my knitting bag.  It's not the fact that Gonzo no longer works in an outdoor environment that has prevented me from completing it, it was the shear fact that other things interested me more, that has left it incomplete.
-Gonzo's socks- still balls of yarn- haven't even started one stitch. (which also goes for my mom's socks...sock knitting- it's a mood I have to be in, to even get started...and even then, it lasts for exactly 1.5 socks- so it's a chore to get an entire pair finished)
-Water color of a relative; which is my grandma.  As far as I can tell it's done, but I also drew something on the same page that I wanted to complete and I haven't even set brush to water on that also- NOT COMPLETE
Are you seeing a pattern here?
-Great American Aran Afghan- since I lost track of the class, and never went back, because they never returned my call to let me know when they decided to start meeting again...I started a block, set it aside for a few months, attempted another few rows, which were screwed up, so I frogged the whole square and haven't gotten back to it.

But just because I'm an epic failure at finishing things I've started, I will share some things with you...I did draw a commissioned piece for a co-worker who was left with no clue what to get his wife and mother of his children, for mother's day. 
I was drafted after that to work on a logo for another co-worker.  Which I have stated for him and I will state again- I don't do logo's.  I'm not a graphic designer- I know graphic designers- that's the only reason I have a legitimate banner on this blog, or have it on my website, or even as the water mark on my drawings...I'M NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER.  So with that said, I've been "working" (I use this term loosely because lets face it- I work slow these days) on this "logo" since May.  It's morphed into a hand drawn exploration of the 1980's fonts and band logo's...and is turning into nothing that resembles any of that.  And quite frankly has led me to believe that computer art is not something I'm capable of.  I know Photoshop...I learned Illustrator in college- and promptly forgot everything the minute the class was over because "I'm not a graphic designer"...hey, guess what?  Illustrator is what it's name says...not just graphic design.  I maybe should have paid better attention to that class- I could be arting in it, instead of thinking "fonts...serifs...blah" (and yes I did just use art as a verb).  But that is a discussion for another time.  I have the concepts of this logo down on paper- in a finished format- it's just that I haven't completed them yet...But today is Sunday and I have no plans besides laundry- so it's quite possible things could be done on it.
Oh, and on the knitting front:

Knitted Zombie's are my thing now...I found this lovely woman online several years ago and bought her book to knit her monsters- which I've knitted a dozen of them, but then I decided to knit them as Zombies and give them away- because who doesn't want to receive a zombie as a present in the mail? I won't be posting tutorials on how I did the blood or the brains, so please contain yourselves. 
I drew this with white board crayons on Gonzo's work white board back in April and it's still there.  He hasn't erased it.  And I've been drawing on his lunch bags that he takes to work, so he has a collection of them at work.  So technically I've been drawing every day.
I think this is a long enough update for a blog, so I will leave you now.  I've added a reminder to my phone so I can update this more often. 
Hope everyone is doing well!  Until next time...

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