Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'62 Galaxy and more update**

We lost a beloved member of the family last weekend.  The 62 Galaxy** wagon...Hadn't even gotten her running, but she was a beauty.  I'm sure it is only a matter of time before Gonzo finds his next project...

So more updates, since the last one was long and rambly...I drew the lovely galaxy** above...I still have a logo in the works...A giant painting for Gonzo to put in his office at work (I'm actually excited to paint this one...even though it's words and not my typical specialty.)
My friend posted some photos to facebook recently of some landscapes that I couldn't resist asking permission to as soon as I have something there I will post's been awhile since I've painted a landscape.
Also lovely friend Tania, is expecting her first child- a instead of getting her a diaper cake (you know...since she makes them...)- I'm working on knitting her something she will probably only put her baby in once for all of 5 seconds because the kid will grow out of it...and I maybe also might learn a little quilting from my mom, so I can make her a super cute quilt for the baby, that I saw on a quilt store excursion.  So yeah...I have until early December for that...fingers crossed the girl is early and I can share my bday with my friends' baby!
Oh...this has turned into crafty blog- my apologies- I will get back to arting- I swear, I've just been in a crafty cave...I sewed a skirt.  Yeah, I know.  I made the pattern myself, cut it; sewed it...the liner doesn't fit because I didn't put a zipper in it, but the actual skirt part fits without a zipper- gotta love stretchy one day I will go back and connect the two and add a zipper- but yeah...experimenting with sewing!!!  What is going on???
And last but not only took 30 years, but I finally found joy in cooking.  Baking really.  Muffins, cakes, cup cakes...all of it, I love it.  But my favorite?  frying up some cake donuts.  Yes.  Probably the least healthy thing I could do, but I'm only making them and maybe eating 3 at the most (not counting donut holes...lets face it, 6 donut holes are like the equivalent to one donut, right?)- I've been delivering the rest to hungry friends.  I also discovered that I can make some pretty good guacamole, some delicious pork chalupas, and several tasty chicken dishes.  There's other dishes too, but I won't bore you with that.  Just know that while I enjoy baking...I still hate washing the dishes- so I'm sorry have to clean up my messes.
Anyway, I wanted to completely update we're all on the same page.  Now we can start fresh and I won't have to be like "ooohhh, I forgot to tell you- back when I was on my eternal hiatus from blogging..."
So those of you reading for the art...I am working on it...those of you reading for the crafty?  I'll throw a little of that in as well.  Hopefully it's enough to satisfy the masses.  The art may just come from the lunch bag artwork I have started doing recently...but I'm sure you're all ok with that, right?
I may even have to do a post of a review on my new phone...I don't review anything online anywhere- but this phone is insane...and if Apple has their way, probably won't be on the market much longer...

9/1/12- I have been informed that Ford spelled Galaxie with an "ie" not a "y"...So yeah...Ford Galaxie...I refuse to change it in the title or in the body of the post because it looks ridiculous with an "ie"...

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