Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Molly..." series Complete

"Molly in the Pool"

This was another one of those that I wasn't too sure how it would turn out. I'm still not sure that I'm completely 100% happy with it, but I think it looks pretty good. I enjoyed playing with the ripples in the water and doing the detail of the tile along the side of the pool. I usually ignore the surrounding images in photos I'm drawing from, but it was requested that I keep them in for this picture.

"Molly on Tile"

This was such a sweet image. The dog looked so content and relaxed and like it was a lazy hot Sunday afternoon, best spent getting as much of the cool feel of the tile as possible. The photo was taken at an angle, and originally I did draw it with a straight angle to the floor, but I think having seen it tilted in the photo, made me think the straight on look was boring...so I re-drew it like this...I'm still waiting on the final verdict- to see if they like the tilt, or want me to change it. I personally hope they want it left like this, as there's just something about it drawn like this, that makes me feel like I'm right there on the tile with her, enjoying the cool touch of the floor. I'm sure it would have the same effect if it was straight on too, but I personally like it this way.

"Molly Portrait"

This is such a classic pose. I thought it was perfect to save for the last drawing in the series. And it was wonderful to draw, all that texture in the fur, the light in her eyes, the set of her ears (can you tell she was fixed on someone about to throw a ball or a stick?). I just really thought it was a great image to draw, and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed drawing all of them. The owners were lucky to have such a wonderful dog for so many years that they considered their child. I've been informed that the previous 2 drawings have been help in aiding with coming to terms of losing their beloved Molly, and in a few weeks or months they will be seeking to rescue a new puppy or two- which really makes me feel good about these drawings. I'm glad I could help them receive some closure.


Ini Syurga Cinta said...

i just see random blog and i found yours.you are very talented..mind blowing artwork

-amber- said...

Thank you Ini Syurga Cinta!