Monday, August 15, 2011

"Molly by the Pool"

My coworker has been telling me about the pictures of her dog that her husband wanted done for the last year or so. I've finally (happily) been bombarded with them, so prepare yourselves for a festive next few weeks of pictures (which my blog certainly could use more of these days!).

I did complete the second drawing of the couple from the last post...but after scanning them, they look so similar I didn't want to get comments about how I double posted a I'm not going to post it. But it is happily on it's way to the hopefully it arrives safely, in a timely manner.

I have been slacking on drawing, which I apologize for. I have 2 jobs now (on top of drawing), as well as a knitting class that I take once a month that leaves me with enough knitting homework, that it takes up my free, I'll work hard to crank out these next few drawings, and then I'll finish my knitted square for the month. But feel free to request drawings to your hearts content...I like staying busy.

Take care everyone! :)

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taniamc said...

It looks really nice Amber, nice job.