Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I never win anything! (ok, that may not be the truth, but it's few and far between when I win anything)

My friend Tania created this awesome website for craft shows- so all the crafting community in the DFW area can know when an application is due, or when a show is, or if a deadline has passed. It's very awesome that she did this. And as luck would have it...I WON! (seriously this was luck, because she used a program to pick the winner). Anyway you can read more details on the win here.

If you are a crafter or artist and want to spread the word maybe you should chat with Ms. Tania over at The Curious Cake Shoppe/DFW craft Shows. She's got some opportunities to spread the word about your craft/art(like with ad space) and a little birdie told me that if you donate some items to the drawings that she holds on DFW Craft Shows, she'll feature your company/work when she announces the winner of your item(s) hey- exposure! She featured us when I won, and The Curious Cake Shoppe because that's where the prize was it's a win win, even if you don't donate, you should follow and participate!!!! FREE STUFF TO WIN!!!

How can this day get any better?!?!

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taniamc said...

Yay I'm glad you're excited about your prize! :) And thanks for helping to spread the word about DFWCS!!