Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pirate in color

Since the last post was such a hit (sarcasm), I thought I would post this bad boy.

He's finally in color. I'm not sure how I feel about him. Extremely glad that he's somewhat completed. Still thinking of ways to tweek the image though.

I lost track of how long I had been working on him as I stopped and did other things because I was getting frustrated.

Seriously though. This time someone please leave a comment as to whether or not you like him or don't like him or have suggestions as to something I could change or a different color to use or something. I feel like the last one just sank in the water (no pun intended)- and I really wanted some feed back as all of this color stuff could end up as prints and I don't want to waste the money making them if no one likes it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



ol' Fred said...

I like your pirate. I had to look too many times at the 'head above water' to figure out what I was looking at.

-amber- said...

Thanks ol' Fred! Yeah, I kind of made "Head above water" like that on purpose- so you spend just a few extra minutes looking at the picture- too many times people see something recognizable and just move on to something else without really paying attention. Perhaps I should make it a little more recognizable- I'm working on a sequel to that drawing as we speak- so I'll keep that in mind when completing her.