Thursday, February 04, 2010


Lately I have been doing everything I can to not do what I should be doing...awesome, huh? Yeah, well I just got an awesome visual slap across the face to wake myself up.
I've been painting the Pirate- although not at all this week. Why? I don't know...bored maybe? I'm just not feeling it. So instead of starting on a completely different drawing to paint (in Photoshop mind you, I have no patience for drying of paints...actually I do, I just don't have the space to do it in right now-so I make excuses)- I pick up a book; I knit (you know, on an afghan that isn't even 1/2 way done right now); I surf new apps for my iPhone; I play out. WHY can't I just get motivated?!?
...I received an email from Kidrobot today and clicked on one of the images, just for fun (and to put off doing anything artistic...)- I hadn't ordered anything from them in a long time...but I wanted to see what I was missing out on. I surfed their site for a few minutes and found the new Sam Flores vinyl...which was obviously sold out because of it's awesomeness. So in the wake of being devistated that I missed out on yet another beautiful piece by him I google searched his name and found this: his blog.
Thus the visual slap in the face.
I want to paint like he does.
I want ideas that would be as awesome as his.
So what next? Well, the sketchbook is in my hand (the computer is at home, so that'll have to wait)...but art it is.
Thanks Sam Flores for the inspirational slap in the face, I needed that.

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