Wednesday, December 19, 2007

bologna sandwiches and Dr. Pepper...and an Update

Good news, the previous drawings that were posted were approved. (there was a little tweeking that needed to be done to one of the kids' smiles- but it's been adjusted, approved, and delivered)

A Shade Better Than Stick Figures (after re-reading some of my previous blogs I realized it's necessary to update this), is a go! After the mass quantities of Christmas requests and having enough time to apply, I got approved for my tax if only my website was up and running...('ll be a great year!) And for those of you who are new to A Shade Better Than Stick Figures, or don't know- it's not just a blog. I've been drawing for many many many years- since I was a kid, probably before I entered into elementary school. I didn't actually catch on to the fact that I might be good at it until my Senior year of High school. (I sold several paintings/drawings that year.) So I moved from Wisconsin, to Texas to attend The Art Institute in Dallas, for computer animation. Not having success in the animation field I worked various jobs but always drew on the side. In 2004 I came up with a name for a drawing business: A Shade Better Than Stick Figures, and it's been stuck every since. Since I only usually got requests for 2-3 drawings a year, from family, or friends- I never really considered it as a "business". That is, until some recent encouragement from some great people, convinced me it was time to make it my business.

So, I'm sitting my 8 hour a day job that's not A Shade Better Than Stick Figures, digging into my bologna sandwich 1/2 an hour early, thinking. While I don't get enough requests year round yet, to make this full time, it sure would be nice if I could take a vacation for the months of November and December from my "job" to concentrate 100% on my drawings. Isn't day dreaming grand?

Anyway- more pictures will come- I'm working on two drawings now, an 8"x 11" drawing of a newborn baby and her mom, and a 11" x 14" drawing of a boxer. My concentration right now is more on the Boxer, as it's bigger, and there is fur to be drawn. But the baby and mom aren't far behind. Also, expect to see several Classic Car drawings in the months ahead. There's 3 or 4 of them that have all been started- just need some TLC to finish them. AND...yes, another thing...those drawings that I'm going to be colorizing (either with colored pencil or via photoshop)- I posted the pencil sketch of the mermaid a few months ago- that one is mostly done (but on my laptop that doesn't have internet capabilities- I know...what's wrong with me?)- so once I have a moment to finish and transfer the file, I'll post it. The others have stalled out due to the Christmas season...but they will get finished in 2008- promise.

Also, I know I posted- a bazillion posts or so ago- that I would post pictures of some of the other stuff I have done in the past...give me until after christmas, after the new year, when I'm re-organizing my closet to make room for the Christmas decorations again- and I'll pull out my portfolios- who knows, maybe I'll put some of it up for sale.

Take care everyone, and Merry Early Christmas!!!

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