Thursday, March 03, 2016

Penny's Pony

What does one do, when an adorable little girl, makes a request for a present?

I create a special surprise.

My friend's adorable toddler asked if they were expecting any deliveries, and her mom replied that they weren't. Then her daughter said how much she would like someone to send her a package. Which resulted in my heart strings being tugged and crafting this:
From the same woman who inspired "The Granite Cape", I crochet a pony for Penny, my friend's daughter.

While mine turned out looking slightly different than the one in the instructions, I think it's still pretty cute.

I'm still figuring out the whole crochet thing when it comes to making creatures. The pony is actually the first crochet creature I've completed. There's a sheep made by the same woman, that I am going to be making for my niece since she was born in the year of the sheep.  I'll post pictures once it's complete.

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