Sunday, January 31, 2016

This year is already speeding by

January is practically over and I haven't completed much.

The hats I made for my niece that were mentioned in the previous post, turned out to be too small. So once I receive them back I'll re-knit and send back.

I haven't drawn much of anything this month. Yes, I have at least 3 drawings I'm supposed to be working on, but there are just some days that drawing isn't my priority. If I don't feel like it's my priority then I won't do my best work.

I've spent most of the month crocheting this awesome Granite Cape. Since I'm not the most experienced crocheter, I thought this seemed like the least complicated garment to attempt. Fingers crossed I'll be finished with it in the next few weeks and can show it off.

I also want to bring something up that I'm kind of ashamed of. Last year, I posted this knitting pattern of Baby Groot. I'll be honest, I set up the link on, under my account, in case there was anyone who was looking for a knitting pattern, since there were a bunch of crochet patterns available. Then I kind of sort of forgot about my Ravelry account. Sure, that pattern has a bunch of views on my blog, which is great to see, and I hoped it was helpful- but wasn't aware of the messages that had been sent to me via Ravelry. For all of you who read the blog and looked at the Groot pattern, I thank you. I'm extremely grateful to each of you who left a message for me over on Ravelry and I feel completely awful that I never responded. I'm glad I inspired so many kind folks to knit their own baby Groot. You guys are awesome! I'll just go ahead and apologize for the fact that I don't check my Ravelry account very often because I'll get side tracked and take time away from my current projects...I don't need additional help in the procrastination area.

Anyway, I've got a list of knitting projects to work on this year, and a bunch of yarn that I don't know what to do with (I'll find something, I'm sure). I may have a problem, though...I want to go to the L.A. County Yarn Crawl again this year...I don't need any more yarn, but I can't not go, right?

Oh well. January went quick, maybe the rest of this year will go as quickly.

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