Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mermaid socks

I began knitting myself a pair of socks sometime in April. Typically it doesn't take me this long to knit a pair...but I had several projects that superseded these. After all, this was a pair of socks for myself, and projects for myself get put off if something else comes up. The photos don't do the color justice (they are sitting on a black mat if that gives you an idea as to how off the color is on my camera right now...soon I will have a new one so hopefully the picture quality gets better...).

The yarn color is "Mermaid Lagoon". I believe the brand is Phydeaux (I hope it was, I've lost the paper that went with it...but I'm kind of obsessed with Phydeaux at the moment so I wouldn't be surprised if it is)...I found it at a really great yarn store in Burbank called Unwind one of my first weeks in CA. Sadly I have not been back to the yarn store since about a week after the LA Yarn Crawl...and according to the newsletter, I believe they are closing or may have already closed. Which is unfortunate, but the last time I was in the store, there wasn't much of a yarn selection. It looked like they were becoming more focused on sewing, which is great, just not something I'm interested in most of the time.
I don't remember the knitting pattern I used (something I found online...but have misplaced the link). The socks ended up being short top socks, based on the simple fact, that the stitch pattern was making my fingers cramp. Normally I would have carried the pattern down the top of the foot, but it's an odd pattern and I didn't have it in me to figure out the exact mechanics of the slipping of a stitch at the beginning and the end...I was paranoid if I continued it down the top of the foot it would end up twirling down the foot instead of staying on top (The pattern is meant for something flat like a scarf...not a knitted in the round type of pattern- I had to improvise) at the ankle it just goes to a stockinette stitch down to the toe, which worked up quickly.  
Yes, I do knit my socks 2-at-a-time...if I didn't, the second sock would never get made, or it would look completely different than the first. If I can find the pattern I used, I'll update this post and link you to it. The book I use for most of my socks knitting is this one. But I'm sure you can find something online or on Ravelry if you wanted to learn how to knit socks 2-at-a-time. 

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