Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Adult Coloring Books

I am probably posting this well into the recent fad of Adult Coloring Books. But I thought it was worth sharing anyway.

Way back in 1994 my mom purchased the above book, "Roger Burrows Images 3: The Ultimate Coloring Experience". I'm fairly sure she bought it for herself...but some how I have managed to own it for over 20 years now (I'm just going to be in the corner barfing for a moment while I process how old that makes me now...)- There are literally only 5 pages in this book that I have managed to add color to in that time.

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to find it again- in one of the boxes that I was unpacking (yes, still's a slow process over here). So I decided to scan the 6 main patterns that repeat and send them to my parents to see if they remembered the book. While they didn't say anything about remembering it, I could picture my mom's face: Pursed lips, slightly turned up on the corners in an all-knowing grin as she narrowed her eyes in my general direction, saying "So that's where my book went, uh-huh."

Anyway, I actually chuckled to myself when I found it again (...gulp...20 years later...still gagging)- particularly since the Adult Coloring Book phase has sprung up recently. Not to detract from the amazing images in the current incarnations of adult coloring books- but to find out that my mom was ahead of the curve on this fad made me smile to myself (although, was she ahead of the curve? Or is the fad just repeating again?).

I've been doing some coloring since I found the book maybe one day (hopefully not another 20 years from now) all the pages will have color.

To my mom- thank you for letting me "borrow" the book for so long. Nothing like loaning a book to someone who never gives it back, right?

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Anonymous said...

Spoiled you didn't we? The old saying of "We keep things by giving them away....we lose things by keeping them".... holds true in this case. Glad you still have the book.
20 years? That puts us in the 'old folks home'.