Sunday, July 12, 2015

More ranting, less art-ing

We've officially spent one whole week in our new place. It's gloriously quiet. I think I might be in love with it.

The week was spent barely unpacking anything. The spare room has so many boxes in it, it's not even funny (but that does mean I get to park my car in the garage!). There's still a bunch of clothes that are packed in suit cases that haven't been unpacked from the move. I entertained a guest briefly on Tuesday; got my car registered in the state of CA on Friday and set up an interview with a temp agency.

That's right, folks-I'm looking for a J.O.B.

Not that I haven't enjoyed my "early retirement" (as my former co-workers called it), but I miss a steady stream of cash flow, and mingling with other people on a regular basis (even if they will end up driving me crazy, eventually). It's really the cash flow...I need to pay down some debt that I have incurred over the last few months, and no offense to the talented artists who have figured it out, but my stuff isn't paying the bills. 

I'll still be knitting and drawing in between "assignments" for the temp agency, but I've just got to get a better schedule going for myself to make this whole CA thing work.

As for the car registration experience here in good-ole CA? Well it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. I didn't go to the DMV. There is a DMV Vehicle Registration Experts on Laurel Canyon Blvd. in LA that does registrations, title transfers, etc. They don't do CA driver's licenses, but anything pertaining to your car they do, and they walk you through EVERYTHING, so you get the most bang for your buck. Best customer service experience I've had, anywhere, since I've been in CA. I got my license plates and registrations before I left the building and my car is now California ready...which means I'll probably be getting honked at a whole lot more (why is everyone so up-tight when they drive here? I thought it was supposed to be a relaxing, go with the flow, type of place?). Total time spent at the DMV Vehicle Registration Experts? I got there around 11:45am (after driving around for 15 minutes looking for parking...street parking, don't park at the Post Office), there were two guys ahead of me. Waited about 10 minutes (if that) before I was speaking with John-the registration expert. Since he had to do a VIN inspection on my car it took a whopping 3 minutes extra, but I was out of there before 12:30pm. Even with an appointment at the DMV it would have taken close to an hour and a half to two hours, from what I've heard.

No fun pictures this time, guys...sorry!

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