Sunday, October 26, 2014


A little something from my sketchbook on this glorious Sunday morning.

I got a little carried away on this one during a flight to Los Angeles. Thankfully the turbulence didn't get crazy and for the most part all of the lines were where I had intended them to be.

I'll be heading back to Texas today, and I have a few doodles in mind for the flight home...provided I don't fall asleep.

There's something about California...I'm not into crowds, Los Angeles definitely does not have a shortage of people, but there's something oddly peaceful here even with all of the chaos. 
So many people warned me that I would hate it, but oddly enough I feel like I have lived here my entire life. It's a surreal feeling. 
True, LA is a congested mess...sorry, I was about to write something that would have sounded like I had turned into a California hippie, which isn't necessarily a bad thing- but something I will reserve for when I actually move here...something about how we are all on the same road in life...but yeah....another time for that.

Anyway, I will continue to go with the flow of this crazy life and keep you posted. I got some great pictures of the Venice Beach sunset last night that I'm tempted to paint...fingers crossed I get something done on those soon.

Take care!

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