Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Quit tapping on the glass!"

Something magical happened last week. I wished someone a happy birthday on facebook (someone I don't know personally, but is friends with Gonzo)- and his response was "What did you draw me?" It takes me back a few steps when someone I don't personally know, knows that I draw. Even when it's someone I know through work that asks "what have you been drawing lately?". I don't know why...but it freaks me out (in a good way- sometimes I forget I have a website, a blog and a fan page...and that Gonzo likes to talk about me drawing). So I asked this person what he would like me to draw for him and his response was "a chimp holding an AR-15". I have never drawn a gun before. And I don't condone giving chimps guns (although there are days, when I visit the zoo, that I wonder what a monkey/chimp/orangutan is really thinking when people tap on the glass of their enclosures...I used to know a certain silver back gorilla at the Ft. Worth zoo who HATED children banging on his enclosure.), but this seemed like a relatively quirky thing to draw, so I said "why not" and threw caution to the wind. I had been roughing him out for a few days, and finally just dove head first into it yesterday while at work. Took about 3 hours. While I was drawing him I just kept going "oh this looks like crap!""Why did I draw that line?""Geez, he's probably going to just throw it away, this is such a mess"...I don't know why, but this line of thought goes thru my head for just about every drawing...and then I scan it...and low and behold I'm like a little kid. "Holy crap! I drew that??? Geez! That's awesome!" It's just something about seeing it on a computer screen vs. right in front of me on's weird. And you know what- it happened with this drawing too. I still have a few issues with the chimp, but the gun looks pretty sweet for a first time drawing a gun...In my opnion. Anyway. I'm drawing. The End.

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