Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First notice of the Cowtown Indie Bazaar!

I know I've been neglecting the blog (if I had anything new to show, trust me it wouldn't be neglected)...but guess what's more neglected...my actual website! I need to totally re-do it but I don't have time right now. I almost forgot about it until I got notice that A Shade Better Than Stick Figures has been accepted as a vendor in this years Cowtown Indie Bazaar in Ft. Worth TX...they linked the website to the notice. Oye! I haven't updated that since April.
Maybe I can set aside some time this weekend to work on it- make it look a little better...maybe flow a little more with the blog here, since I like how this looks.

Anyway, The Cowtown Indie Bazaar should be awesome, it sounds a lot like the Funky Finds show I did back in March- so once again I will be manning the booth, while dying to run to other vendors to buy things I can't live without. Again, I will be next door (well in the next booth) to my good friends over at the Curious Cake Shoppe. I'm looking forward to this show.

You want details:
When: Saturday September 4th from 9am-6pm
Where: Will Rogers Memorial Center click here for specific address
What kind of "stuff" will be there?: 100% Indie, 100% handmade items. More than 80 artisans, designers, and crafters. Clothing and jewelry, original artwork, stylish decor for the home, upcycled and repurposed vintage wares, and more.

Why am I posting this now? It's only July? Um, because...I'm busy at work- hence the no posting and no doing any new art lately- I'm affraid I might completely forget about the blog as I haven't been frequenting it lately and I would hate for people to miss out on such an awesome show. Not just because A Shade Better Than Stick Figures will be there, but because these crafters and artists and jewelry makers, etc. are crazy talented- and being that it's in September- you can stock up on Christmas gifts for all those people you care about in your life (trust me, I'll be posting reminders).

So, if I don't see you before- hopefully I'll see you September 4th, 2010 from 9am-6pm (well you don't have to be there the whole time, but I do...so yeah...hope to see you in passing!) Pass the word to all your friends. Handmade rocks! Come to Cowtown Indie Bazaar!!!!!!!!!

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