Friday, November 30, 2007


Here are some drawings I did per request for a Christmas present this year.
It really made me want to get a cat. The first one was drawn from a color photo of an orange cat named Basil.
The second is from a color photo of a cat named Sage (gray tiger stripped), and the third is of a black cat named Olive.
The fourth drawing is of all 3 of the cats, drawn from a color photo of them all looking out a window. Seriously cute cats! I especially liked the orange and black cats. The orange one is peeking out of a bowl/vase of some sort. These could have been even cuter if I had used colored pencils- but as this was for a Christmas present- and color wasn't requested, I wanted to make sure I could get them done on time and shipped in time to deliver by Christmas. I think they look pretty schnazzy in pencil- but then again I'm biased. :P

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