Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reaction time

So George, the guy I drew the picture of his mom for, loved that picture (I think I already posted that, but I could be wrong). The proud parents of "NattieBug", and "NoodleBug", love those two pictures and the mom adores the drawing of her and the baby called "Rhonda's Love", I still haven't heard word on the dad and the baby drawing called "Jon's Love"...perhaps because I've discovered that the cheeks are off on both the baby and the dad, I'll make the adjustments, resend to the parents and re-post, and post reactions if I get any. The picture of "Alec and May" went over well, they said it was "tight", so that's good :P I have two new baby pictures to post up and soon to be a third and fourth, although the fourth one I'm having doubts about because the commission is for an 11" x 14" drawing...I haven't done a drawing that size in quite some time and so far just the texture of the paper is throwing me off (I've been doing all the others on 8 1/2" x 11" letter size copy paper, really smooth texture, as opposed to "normal" drawing paper which is more porus and has an odd texture about it- we'll see), hopefully all goes well, I'll post it up whether it looks good or not, you know me, I like posting up the good, the bad, and the cross-eyed :P
I guess I could start posting up the original photo to go with the drawing so I could get more feed-back than from just the people I'm drawing for, huh? Duh! :D

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